The Bachchor Heidelberg is a choir with one of the longest traditions in Germany. It was established in 1885 by Philipp Wolfrum, university music director in Heidelberg, who introduced the choir to the important big works of baroque and romantic literature at that time, in order to "... foster serious, especially sacred music...".

In 1919, Wolfrum's assistant Meinhard Poppen took over as conductor of the Bachchor and held this position through the difficult time after the Second World War until 1956. Poppen, also university music director in Heidelberg, renewed the close relations between choir, Alma Mater and the city of Heidelberg.

The church musician Erich Hübner conducted the Bachchor Heidelberg from 1956 until his death in 1985. He introduced the choir to the contemporary repertoire, but also intensified the ever continuing study of the works of J.S. Bach.

Christian Kabitz, director of church music in Würzburg, became the fourth artistic director in the 130-year history of the Bachchor in 1987. He conducts the Bachchor concerts performed together with the Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg.

The choir went on its first major concert tour to Sicily in 1986. In 1991, the Bachchor Heidelberg was a guest at the Israel Festival and gave three cantata concerts. In 1999, the choir visited the Ukraine, and in 2005 gave a guest performance in Shanghai. 

Regular recordings for the Südfunk Stuttgart broadcasting corporation have made the choir and its conductor known beyond the realms of Heidelberg.

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Rehearsal in the Peterskirche with
Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg

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Le Bachchor Heidelberg, ensemble vocal de la ville d‘Heidelberg (Baden-Wurttemberg) a été créé par Philipp Wolfrum en 1885, à l‘occasion du 200ème anniversaire de la naissance de Jean-Sébastien Bach. Il s‘agit du plus ancien Bachchor d‘Allemagne qui peut s‘enorgueillir d‘une activité ininterrompue depuis sa création jusqu’à aujourd‘hui.

Il est dirigé depuis 1986 par Christian Kabitz, „Kirchenmusikdirektor“ (littéralement „directeur de la musique sacrée“) à Würzburg, en Bavière. Ce dernier y assure notamment la direction artistique des festivals Bach et Mozart.

Contrairement à ce que son appellation pourrait faire penser, le Bachchor Heidelberg ne se consacre pas uniquement à l‘oeuvre de Bach, ni même à l‘époque baroque. Brahms, Mendelssohn, Bruckner, Reger ainsi que Rheinberger, tous compositeurs allemands de l‘époque romantique, font également partie de son répertoire.

The Bachchor Heidelberg:

A choir with one of the longest traditions in Germany